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Brief Introduction of Products
The fourth generation high efficiency SKK series screw rotors
The newest patent rotor profiles,featured bilateral dissymmetric male and female rotors. The composite curves of profiles are all arcs and their envelopes. The lobe combination is 4:5(for models ¡Ü45KW) or 5:6¡İ(for models ¡İ55KW). Compared with orther type rotors,the SKK rotors have two distinct advantages: one is that completely realized curved surface seal.that is halpful for form fluid dynamic lubricating film,so to reduce inner leak, heighten efficiency,? improve machinability and measurability. The orther is that adopte the idea of ¡°big rotor, big bearing and low speed¡± ,so to reduce noise and vibration,prolong life span,and decrease the susceptibility to impurities and oil carbide.
The design features of the SKK screw air ends

  1. using the idea of ¡°big rotor, big bearing and low speed¡± , the common used models are designed as direct link with motor by coupling without gearbox. That reduces the sourse of trouble as well as lower the speed and improve the load condition of the end.
  2. Using the monolithic housing which integrated compressing chambers and back bearing seats,so they can be machined together to assure accuracy.
  3. Using the best Sweden SKF heavy duty bearings .

The machining and measuring machine of the SKK series air ends
Using the top class machine in the world for the finish machining and measuring of the air end parts, such as angle head cylindrical grinder and rotor grinder,machining centers, rotor balancing machine and CMM ,etc.

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